GBC’s Justin Gaudio featured in DePaul Alumni Profile

Justin Gaudio (’08) is a shareholder with Greer, Burns & Crain. Based out of Chicago, he focuses on intellectual property law with an emphasis on global online anti-counterfeiting. Gaudio was interviewed and asked about his career and time spent in the College of Law.

Why did you choose to attend DePaulUniversity’s College of Law?
The city of Chicago was a big reason. Growing up in Ohio, I wanted to experience living in a large city. Along with that comes more job opportunities, particularly in the field of intellectual property.

Did you always know you wanted to do IP?
Yes. My intention was to be a patent attorney. I still am. My undergraduate degree is in computer engineering [from the University of Cincinnati]. That being said, I do very little patent work. I found a niche doing online anti-counterfeiting trademark enforcement, which still utilizes my computer skills, but in a much different way.

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