GBC Recognized for Trademark Enforcement Practice

The dedicated trademark team at Greer Burns & Crain, led by Amy Ziegler and Justin Gaudio, is one of the nation’s best-known anti-counterfeiting taskforces. Leading anti-counterfeiting authorities abroad write: “I have a very high opinion of Amy and Justin, and of the firm itself. I have recommended them to clients for cross-border anti-counterfeiting work. Amy and Justin do very good work in that area. Justin helped to develop an automated system that computerised going after infringers’ PayPal accounts. These two are very strong in the anti-counterfeiting arena.” Peers in the Chicago market, meanwhile, note their “unique business model and keen success pursuing counterfeiters for well-known brands. Their model is very attractive to clients. They have done something differently and it seems to be working competitively. Undoubtedly, they are a leader in the online enforcement space. They sometimes file five lawsuits in a day. They have tapped into something and are clearly doing quite a lot to combat online infringement.”