Build it Better and Protect Your Work

Patentable technologies have never been more valuable or more sought after, and GBC recognizes the importance of delivering patents that are as broad-reaching and secure from challenge as possible.

Greer, Burns & Crain’s experienced patent attorneys are experts at obtaining United States and international patents, counseling clients and creating opinions that support the value of your patent portfolio.

We have have successfully prosecuted over 4200 United States patents since the founding of the firm in 1994.

Our patent prosecution, counseling and opinion practices are based upon the solid foundation of the scientific and legal skills of our partners and IP attorneys. Our patent attorneys are fully versed in both technology and law, and have successfully prosecuted utility, design and business method patents in an extremely wide range of industries.

All of our IP attorneys have science or engineering degrees in disciplines as diverse as electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, chemical engineering, biology, mechanical engineering, biochemistry and physics, among others.

GBC is highly experienced at working with examiners at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and is adept at prosecuting international patents and managing international intellectual property portfolios.

We assist our clients in managing the process, both within the United States and internationally, in the most time and cost efficient manner, and are committed to achieving the broadest possible patent protection for their unique intellectual property, products and services — within budgetary constraints.

GBC assists clients in all areas of United States and international patent law, including:

Acquisition of Patent Rights

  • Deciding whether to seek patent protection
  • Conducting patentability and prior-art searches and opinions
  • Establishing record-keeping procedures that rigorously document the invention process
  • Drafting and prosecuting United States and foreign patent applications
  • Patent re-examination and reissue applications
  • Creating design-around strategies and providing supporting opinions
  • Providing international filing strategies and execution
  • Strategic counseling on cost-effective patent portfolio development
  • Patent maintenance and annuity services

Exploitation of Patent Rights

  • Preparing patent infringement opinions
  • Patent infringement enforcement, prosecution and defense, including litigation when necessary
  • Alternative dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration
  • Licensing and selling existing patent rights
  • Patent portfolio management

Defending Patent Rights

  • Competitive intelligence and monitoring services
  • Conducting right to use searches and providing supporting opinions
  • Non-infringement and patent invalidity opinions
  • Risk transfer strategies
  • Resolving disputes with patent owners


GBC offers counseling on patentability issues at every stage of the product cycle, including its genesis. Many of our clients seek patentability opinions from us very early in product development to gain an awareness of the prior art and intellectual property landscape that allows them to make informed decisions about resource allocation.

Our clients look to us to provide patent opinions for both offensive and defensive purposes. We provide evaluations of the strength and scope of patents and related intellectual property in valuing businesses and technologies for acquisition purposes. We also provide expert legal opinions for clients who have been accused of patent infringement.

GBC is also skilled at providing audits of patent related activities of clients’ competitors, and counsels clients about the advisability of legally asserting their patent rights — and legal strategies should they choose to do so.