Licensing, Technology Transfer & IP Agreements

You can trust the attorneys of GBC to provide you with valuable advice and expertly drafted IP agreements.

Regardless of whether you are a large corporation, a small company, an individual, a university, a research institution or any other type of entity, intellectual property can be a very valuable asset, often one of your most valuable assets. Protecting and exploiting such an asset requires the right tools – tools that the attorneys of GBC have the skills, expertise and experience to provide.

Contract disputes related to intellectual property are unfortunately common, and the basis for a substantial percentage of business litigation. Clearly drafted agreements, where all parties fully understand their rights and obligations, are the surest way to avoid costly litigation.

The secure commercialization and protection of intellectual property rights requires well-crafted agreements that protect intellectual property assets, and that enable harmonious and profitable business relationships.

We know that IP transactions do not take place in a vacuum, isolated from other business concerns. Drafting and negotiating IP transactions requires not only an understanding of the intellectual property assets and a deep understanding of United States and international intellectual property protection, but also of business goals and strategic concerns.

The attorneys of GBC are highly experienced in drafting and negotiating complex IP licenses and agreements. We work closely with our clients to structure the various types of intellectual property agreements that best protect their business interests worldwide.

The attorneys of GBC know how to make IP protection agreements and IP licensing deals work.

GBC recognizes that consummating an IP agreement means successfully working with attorneys on the other side of the table, and having been on both sides of the table we are able to provide a legal perspective that fully appreciates business concerns, practices and ongoing relationships — as wells as comprehensive knowledge of the law.

We have created documentation for and enabled all forms of intellectual property transactions, including licensing, cross-licensing, mergers and acquisitions, and sale of intellectual property rights, as well as crafting legal opinions that support these intellectual property transactions and maximize the value of IP portfolios.

In addition to major national and multi-national businesses, our licensing and transaction clients include start-up companies, universities, research institutions and individual inventors.

GBC advises on all types of intellectual property transaction agreements, including:

  • Intellectual property agreements including patent / technology, copyright and trademark licenses, sales and acquisitions
  • Assignments and agreements of purchase and sale of IP rights
  • Cross-licensing of IP assets
  • Software licenses and web-related IP agreements
  • Joint venture and other types of collaboration agreements
  • Joint development agreements
  • Security agreements relating to intellectual property
  • Confidentiality / non-disclosure agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Supplier agreements
  • Consulting / independent contractor agreements
  • Joint venture, research collaboration, business development agreements
  • Marketing agreements

You can trust the attorneys of GBC to provide you with valuable advice and expertly drafted IP agreements.