UGG Wins Case Against 1,549 Online Counterfeiters

Greer, Burns & Crain LTD, representing Deckers Outdoor Corporation, recently obtained a judgment by Illinois Federal Court against a combined 1,549 Chinese based websites and online marketplace accounts selling counterfeit UGG products.  The court entered a permanent injunction against the defendants and awarded Deckers $200 million dollars in damages.  In addition, the judgment awarded restrained funds in financial accounts linked to the Defendants to Deckers.  Prior to the default judgment, the Court entered a temporary restraining order in each case giving control of the domains to Deckers.  Each domain was then redirected to a website putting consumers on notice that the domain was previously used for counterfeit sales.  Through this action and other similar actions, Deckers has seized over 12,800 domains used for counterfeit websites.  


Kevin W. Guynn

Amy Ziegler

Justin R. Gaudio