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Trade Secrets

If competitors or contractually obligated third parties misappropriate your trade secrets, we move quickly to seek redress for the wrongful conduct to avoid damage to your business.

Legally protecting your trade secrets


In today‚Äôs unprecedentedly competitive business climate, the need to protect trade secrets — proprietary technologies and business information — is at an all time high.

Many firms have found that trade secret protection — in addition to pursuing patent, which may take years to obtain — is a cost and time-effective tool to protect their intellectual property.

First, GBC works with its clients to establish procedures that properly document proprietary technologies and business procedures — records that form the foundation for securing sensitive business information — and crafts non-disclosure agreements and other legal documents that strongly bind employees and outside contractors.

GBC relies upon the resources and wealth of real-world experience found in our trademark, copyright and trade dress practices to design these trade secret documentation procedures.

Further, GBC is experienced at addressing the marketing and advertising facets of intellectual property, and has helped its clients protect customer lists, advertising strategies, and unreleased product designs.

We are your best advocate and protect your rights

When a trade secret has been stolen, GBC is skilled at guiding clients toward courses of action that minimize the disclosure, and that immediately begin the process of seeking compensation.

These trade secret disclosure legal remedies can include enforcement of non-disclosure agreements, assertion of copyright in court, assertion of unfair competition in court, assertion of theft of trade secret, and other legal remedies under common law.

GBC also advises on defenses against frivolous trade secret claims — how a firm can demonstrate that there was no misappropriation, or that no trade secret existed in the first place.

GBC’s success in protecting trade secrets has enabled our clients to minimize the disclosure of trade secrets and to be properly compensated when breaches occur.