GBC considers candidates with undergraduate or advanced degrees in all areas of engineering and science.


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Careers at Greer, Burns & Crain


GBC is always looking for attorneys with established strong intellectual property legal credentials, and younger attorneys interested in making patent, trademark, copyright and other facets of intellectual property law central to their legal careers.


Greer Burns & Crain is a full service intellectual property law firm. Since its inception, Greer Burns & Crain has focused on fostering a congenial work atmosphere. As a business-oriented IP law firm, GBC prides itself on the ability of all of our lawyers to understand and integrate business goals and considerations into their service to our intellectual property clients — skills that we teach to younger associates.


We place strong emphasis on one-on-one mentoring of associates in the intricacies of successful intellectual property law, including drafting and prosecution of patents and the filing and prosecution of trademarks before the US Patent and Trademark Office, as well as the representation of clients in appropriate courts and, most importantly, strategies that minimize the risk that our clients become involved in litigation.